Berliner SatelLights.01


Berliner SatelLights.01

Artikelnr./ SKU: 90.340.127

Afmeting: 0,30 x 3,30 x 3,20 m.
Zone: 3,30 x 6,30 m.
Valhoogte: 1,22 m.


90.340.127 (2).jpg

Red, green, or blue – which game shall we play today? Whether your testing reactions agility, or endurance – with Satellights.01, you can have a playful challenge and lots of fun alone or with friends! Due to the patented Charlotte-Connector, the end of the rope disappears into the bottom (buried) tube, through which the cables connect the play elements to the generator. The straight Terranos posts make Satellihts.01 a universal add-on element for various play equipment and combinations.


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